Extra Services

The USPS offers a variety of confirmation and protection options for your international mail.The limited information below was updated June 2010 and is provided only to give you an idea of the service offered. USPS content changes frequently. Visit their extra services web page often for the most current information.

Registered Mail service provides security and limited indemnity protection for First-Class Mail®, International, and Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope items. Items bearing an address in pencil or any erasable format are not accepted as Registered Mail. This optional special service is not available with Priority Mail International flat rate or variable weight parcels or Express Mail International® services.

Priority Mail® International Ordinary indemnity coverage is now provided for all ordinary (uninsured) Priority Mail International (flat rate envelope not included) items. This coverage is provided at no additional charge and protects mailers against loss, damage, or missing contents. Coverage is calculated based on the weight of the parcel and not on the value of the contents of the parcel whichever is less. Mailers may still purchase insurance for a fee to many countries. When insurance is purchased, it replaces the indemnity coverage provided on ordinary Priority Mail International parcels.

Priority Mail® International Insurance is available at the sender's option. Priority Mail International (flat rate envelope and small flat rate box not included) packages mailed to many destination countries can be insured against loss, damage, or missing contents. Comparable insurance coverage is not available to senders who mail letter-post items to those same countries.

Return Receipt service provides the sender with confirmation of delivery for Express Mail, Registered Mail, and insured Priority Mail International items. A Return Receipt must be purchased at the time of mailing.

Restricted Delivery is a service that generally limits who may receive an item. It is limited to First-Class Mail International items (including the Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope and small flat rate box.) using Registered Mail service.

Certificate of Mailing is an official record showing the date your mail was accepted. Certificates of mailing furnish evidence of mailing only.

Certified Mail and COD (collect on delivery) Mail are not available in conjunction with International Mail.