MBP 220

SECTION 220: University Stores and Logistics
Policy Owner: University Procurement and Logistics

Last Updated: December 14, 2021

Angell Building
166 Service Road
East Lansing MI 48824  

University Stores
Business Hours:  Monday - Friday | 7:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. 
Help Desk: (517) 884-6240

Central Shipping and Receiving Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Phone: (517) 884-6082

220.1       University Stores
220.1.1          Purpose
220.1.2          University Stores Processes
220.1.3          Regulated Materials, Chemicals, and Compressed Gas
220.1.4          Personal Use Sales
220.1.5          Departmental Storage
220.1.6          Hamper Rental
220.1.7          Shop.msu.edu

220.2       Receiving and Distribution
220.2.1          Purpose
220.2.2          Receiving
220.2.3          Shipping
220.2.4          International Shipping
220.2.5          Hazardous Materials
220.2.6          Material Return
220.2.7          Desktop Shipping
220.2.8          Logistics Billing
220.2.9          Personal Use Shipping
220.2.10        Distribution

220.3       Campus Mail


220.1.1      PURPOSE

A.  University Stores is a full-service warehouse facility where Michigan State University's commonly used, high-volume items are stocked and distributed. University Stores also provides warehouse storage rental and hamper rental to the MSU community. A separate e-commerce platform, shop.msu.edu, sells a variety of Spartan spirit items, college-branded merchandise, and other exclusive MSU products. Proceeds from sales help fund scholarships, programs, and departments.

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A.  Ordering: University Stores orders can be placed using the online catalog within Spartan Marketplace or in-person at 166 Service Rd, East Lansing, Michigan. EBS login is required to access Spartan Marketplace.

B.  Delivery: Orders are delivered at no charge to on-campus addresses. Logistics also delivers to off-campus locations where a service level agreement (SLA) is in place. If an SLA is not in place, off-campus deliveries are processed through a third-party carrier and charges are billed monthly through the Logistics Service Provider Billing (Billing History).

  1. Order discrepancies: Upon order receipt, it is the responsibility of the recipient to verify the items and quantities in the package are as ordered and are free from damage. Incorrect orders must be reported within one business day to the University Stores Help Desk at (517) 884-6240 in order to receive a replacement or credit, if applicable.
  2. Backorders: If an item is temporarily out of stock, a backorder is created; reordering is not necessary. Backordered items are sent and billed when inventory is restocked. Backorders may be canceled by calling (517) 884-6240 and referencing the order and item number.

C.  Returns: Merchandise ordered from University Stores can be returned providing it can be resold and is in the original factory packaging. The order number, product quantity, reason for return, and description of items to be returned is required. Obsolete or discontinued merchandise will not be accepted for return. Postage stamps may not be returned. No returns are accepted after 30 days.

D.  Return/Exchange an Order

  1. Complete the Return/Exchange form [.pdf]
  2. Attach the form to the item(s) being returned/exchanged
  3. Place in your department mailroom for pick up or bring to University Stores

E. Restocking fees: Merchandise returned due to University Stores’ error or a manufacturer’s defect is credited 100% if returned in its original condition. Stock merchandise returned for any other reason is credited subject to restocking charges based on the elapsed time after receipt.

  • Same day to one week: no charge
  • One week to one month: 20%
  • After one month: no returns or exchanges

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A.  Ethyl alcohol (ethanol) is available in sealed pint or gallon containers, or in bulk quantities issued in one-gallon increments. When ordering bulk alcohol, you must have approved safety cans that are in good condition and properly labeled to indicate the contents. University Stores can pick up, fill, and return the containers.

  1. Use and record keeping for ethyl alcohol is done per Distribution and Use of Tax-Free Alcohol, Part 22 of Title 27, Code of Federal Regulations.
  2. Alcohol dispensed for teaching and research purposes may not be sold, issued, or given away.

B.  University Stores stocks a variety of chemicals for laboratory use. Please visit the University Stores catalog in Spartan Marketplace for a complete list.

C.  Compressed Cylinder Gases

  1. Ordering: Cylinder gases may be purchased from the current approved supplier(s) via Spartan Marketplace. Spartan Marketplace will always reflect the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) preferred supplier.
  2. Delivery: Cylinder gases are delivered directly by the supplier to your department. For delivery questions or issues, contact the supplier directly.
  3. Rental fees: A cylinder rental charge accrues daily until the cylinder is returned. Fees are charged monthly via a Service Provider Billing (Billing History). Empty cylinders should be returned promptly to avoid extra rental charges.
  4. Cylinder returns: Customers can return cylinders ordered through Spartan Marketplace by creating an order for a cylinder return via the cylinder supplier catalog.
  5. Damage/leaks: Report suspected leaks immediately to EHS at (517) 355-0153 and to the supplier. Follow all safety protocols.


A.  University Stores items are available for sale to MSU faculty, staff, retirees, alumni, and students for personal use. Sales are subject to Michigan sales tax.

B.  Prohibited items

  1. Cylinder gases
  2. Chemicals
  3. Sensitive medical items, including syringes

C.  Cash, check, and credit card (Visa®, Mastercard®, Discover®, American Express®) are accepted.

D.  MSU faculty and staff may preorder using the Personal Use catalog. Payment and item pick up must be made at University Stores.

E.  MSU faculty and staff may also purchase items in-store at 166 Service Rd.

F.  A receipt is required for any return or exchange. Merchandise must be returned in the original factory packaging with all labels or tags attached. No returns are accepted after 30 days.

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A.  University Stores offers heated storage space in its secure warehouse. Materials are stored on 4’ x 4’ pallets. Large unpalletized items may be stored based on available space and material handling requirements. Pickup and delivery of most material is free of charge. Please contact University Stores for a quote.

B.  Storage fees are calculated per pallet or square foot of space. Fees are charged monthly via a Service Provider Billing (Billing History).

C.  Limited space is available for storage of chemicals. Contact University Stores for more information.

D.  Prohibited Items

  • Personal items
  • Art
  • Antiques

220.1.6      HAMPER RENTAL

A.  Large and small wheeled hampers are available for MSU departments to rent.

  1. Hampers are not to be used for recycling materials. Please contact MSU Recycling for recycling hamper requests.

B.  Customers must fill out a Hamper Rental Form. Hampers will be delivered by the date provided on form based on availability.

C.  University Stores will pick up hampers after use, based on date provided on form or by customer request. Additional costs may be incurred for product disposal if the hamper is not returned empty.

D.  Rental fees will be charged after the hampers are returned via Internal Billing document.

  1. Small hampers rent for $1.50 per day, per hamper
  2. Large hampers rent for $2.50 per day, per hamper
  3. Lost or damaged hamper fees
    • $100 per small hamper
    • $150 per large hamper

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220.1.7      SHOP.MSU.EDU

A.  Shop.msu.edu is a public-facing e-commerce store that sells a variety of Spartan spirit items, college-branded merchandise, and other exclusive MSU products.

B.  Orders can be placed online using a credit card or MSU departmental account number for payment. Payments made using an MSU account number are tax exempt. Purchases can be made in person using cash, check, or credit card at University Stores.

C.  Delivery is available for online orders only.

  1. Orders placed within the United States are shipped via USPS or UPS, as selected by the customer.
  2. International orders are shipped via UPS Worldwide Expedited. Taxes, tariffs, and import duties are billed separately to the customer by UPS prior to delivery of the package(s). The customer is responsible for all fees.
  3. MSU campus delivery is available for orders shipping within the 48824 and 48825 zip codes. There is a $1.50 charge for personal orders shipped on campus. There is no charge for campus delivery when orders are placed using an MSU departmental account.
  4. The customer may select “Local Pickup” at checkout—which is available at no cost. An email is sent to the customer when their order is ready for pick up at University Stores.

D.  Most items may be returned within 30 days of delivery for a full refund or exchange. Products must be sent back in new/unused condition with the original invoice. Perishable items, customized products, and open CD/DVDs cannot be returned. A refund or exchange will be issued within 10 days of receiving returned merchandise.

  1. Diploma frames are custom made and are not returnable unless damaged or defective.

E.  MSU colleges and departments can partner with University Stores to sell their own branded products online through shop.msu.edu. University Stores manages pick, pack, and ship services, generates monthly sales reports, establishes inventory reorder points, and develops product catalogs. Store development costs and processing fees are determined by the scope of work and documented through a service level agreement (SLA). Please contact shop.msu.edu customer service at (517) 432-1859 for more details.


220.2.1      PURPOSE

A.  UPL Central Shipping and Receiving is Michigan State University’s central location for receipt, delivery, and shipping of university business parcels and freight. We provide expertise on export compliance and hazardous materials shipping and handling. We also offer Event Material Management services to transport conference and exhibit items to and from events.

220.2.2      RECEIVING

A.  Central Shipping and Receiving is the hub for most university business freight and parcel deliveries. Upon receipt, parcels are accepted and signed for by Logistics staff and scanned into a package tracking system called U-Track, creating a chain of custody.

  1. Student packages and U.S. mail bypass Central Shipping and Receiving and are delivered directly by the carriers.
  2. Personal packages are not accepted.

B.  Stakeholders must alert suppliers of any materials received in damaged condition.

  1. Suppliers typically initiate a damage claim with the carrier. Please retain all packaging, in the event an inspection is required. Value of the damaged item(s) must exceed $100 for a formal claim to be filed with the carrier if it is believed item(s) were damaged in transit. Suppliers are often required to file claims with the carrier within 60 days of delivery. Overages or shortages must be reported directly to the supplier in a timely manner. Contact Logistics for assistance at (517) 884- 6082.
  2. Once a supplier has provided a claim number, you may check on the claim status using these links:

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220.2.3      SHIPPING

A.  UPL Central Shipping and Receiving is the primary location for shipping university business parcels and freight, including domestic, international, hazardous materials, and dangerous goods.

B.  Service Request

  1. A completed Service Request is required for all outbound shipments.
  2. This initiates pickup of parcels and acts as departmental authorization for Logistics to ship materials.
  3. Select the Service Request tile and choose the preferred shipping method.
  4. Complete and submit the form.
    • Campus Pickup – used for intra-campus building to building moves (not required for campus mail pickup)
    • FedEx/UPS/DHL, Freight – used for off-campus outbound shipments
  5. Print and affix the Service Request to the item(s).
  6. Place item in your building’s mailroom or dock for pick-up.
  7. Additional job aids are available.


A.  Both a Service Request and an International Shipping form are required to initiate export shipments.

  1. A minimum of one to three business days is required for shipment preparation. Complex exports may require additional time.
  2. Some materials not classified as hazardous in the Unites States may be classified as hazardous in other countries. Many countries do not accept hazardous material shipments.


A.  Both a Service Request and a Hazardous Materials Transportation form are required to initiate hazardous materials shipments.

B.  Dry ice is considered a hazardous material. Please select the “Dry Ice” checkbox on the Service Request Form and enter the weight and unit of measure. Dry ice shipments must arrive at Central Shipping and Receiving prior to noon.

C.  Radioactive materials are processed through Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). Contact EHS for information.

D.  Some materials not classified as hazardous in the Unites States may be classified as hazardous in other countries. Many countries do not accept hazardous material shipments.

220.2.6      MATERIAL RETURN

A.  A Service Request is required for all outbound material return shipments. The Service Request initiates pickup of parcels and acts as departmental authorization for Logistics to ship materials. View our job aid for completing a Service Request.

B.  Include the vendor Return Material Authorization (RMA) in the appropriate field on the Service Request.


A.  UPS and FedEx provide desktop shipping solutions. To request system access and a user ID, please call (517) 884-6084.


A.  Service Provider Billing (SPB) line-item transaction detail associated with UPL billing charges are available.


A.  Logistics offers outbound domestic parcel shipping services to MSU faculty, staff, alumni, students, and retirees.

B.  Parcels must be ready to ship, as we do not supply packing materials or packaging services.

C.  We do not accept:

  1. International shipments
  2. Hazardous materials
  3. Freight such as less-than-truckload or full truck load
  4. Illegal items
  5. Articles of unusual value
  6. Insurance greater than $100

D.  Other restrictions may apply.

E.  Bring your parcel to University Stores or Mail Services, 166 Service Road East Lansing, MI 48824.

F.  Personal use shipping hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 – 11:45 a.m. and 12:30 – 3 p.m.

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220.2.10      DISTRIBUTION

A.  UPL is the primary location for distribution of university business parcels. Packages from parcel and freight carriers, as well as University Stores warehouse orders, are commingled and delivered to campus locations. Upon delivery, the tracking system—U-Trackis updated with final delivery information. Most deliveries occur the same day or next day of receipt. Perishable shipments are delivered same day.

  1. To track your package while in transit to the university, check the carrier’s website.
  2. When your package delivers to Receiving, shipments will appear in U-Track after they have been processed and staged for delivery.

220.3       CAMPUS MAIL

A.  Campus mail service is limited to the distribution of official university intra-campus communications and the collection of U.S. mail for off-campus processing. Campus mail is not trackable: do not include cash, medical records, or other confidential documents.

B.  Examples of materials not distributed through campus mail are:

  • Non-university business
  • Club announcements (political, religious, fraternal, and panhellenic)

C.  Addressing Campus Mail

  • Recipient name, building name, and room number are required on the campus mail envelope.
    Will Spartan
    BioEngineering Room 1840
  • Used campus mail envelopes can be requested online.
  • New campus mail envelopes can be ordered through University Stores.

D.  Large Campus Mailings

  1. For campus mailings greater than 100 pieces, contact Mail Services 48 hours in advance at 517-884-6084 or email UPL.DL.MailServices@msu.edu
    • Envelopes must be addressed, including building name, and bundled and sorted by building.
    • Self-mailers/fliers (single or multiple-page mailings not in an envelope) must be folded and sealed. The address must include the building name, and the mailing must be bundled and sorted by building.

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