Buying Methods

The MSU community purchases a wide variety of goods and services that are necessary to achieve the university's mission. Choosing the appropriate buying method saves time and resources.

Spartan Marketplace 

Buying from Spartan Marketplace (which includes University Stores) is the most preferred of the three purchasing methods at MSU—next is the PCard, then purchase orders.

Spartan Marketplace is an e-procurement solution that provides campus customers with a centralized, convenient, cost-effective way to make departmental purchases. MSU employees can access Spartan Marketplace after logging in to EBS.
Payment method: MSU account number through the Finance System

University Stores stocks commonly used, high-volume items. Orders can be placed using the University Stores catalog located in Spartan Marketplace or in-store at 166 Service Rd.
Payment method: MSU account number through the Finance System


Requisitions and Purchase Orders

Purchase orders (POs) are initiated when a requisition is created in the Finance System. Early involvement of the Procurement staff—particularly for large or complex transactions—will ensure better results. Learn more about requisition processing timelines.
Note: Use of disbursement vouchers is not considered a buying method—it is a payment method to be used only when you cannot use contracts, PCard, or a PO.


PCard is a Bank of America credit card that allows departments to conveniently acquire supplies and services. Use of the PCard eliminates the need for small-dollar requisitions, disbursement vouchers, and petty cash funds.    
Reconciliation of PCard statements is managed within the Finance System.

Lease Purchase

The University Procurement and Logistics Lease Purchase Program provides a financing option for departments that is ideal for emergency situations or unanticipated equipment purchases. It is important to note that the Lease Purchase Program is a payment option for making purchases but does not replace the normal procurement process.