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As financial stewards of the university, Procurement competitively solicits, negotiates commercial contracts, and issues orders for goods and services in support of MSU's mission. Through negotiation and strategic sourcing, Procurement reduces costs and improves efficiencies—while complying with federal, state, and university policies, laws, and regulations.

For complex or high-dollar transactions, involving Procurement early in the process will yield the best results.

Buying Methods

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Choosing the appropriate buying method saves time and university resources.

Staff + Commodities

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Find the appropriate Procurement buyer for your commodity-related questions.

Policies + Procedures

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Understand the various requirements in place for the procurement of goods and services.


Apr 02 2024

Year-end cut-off dates

FY24 ends on Sunday, June 30, 2024. Ensure your UPL-related eDocs are submitted and in the appropriate status by the dates below for processing in FY24.
Aug 02 2023

New Independent Contractor form available

A new, more robust Independent Contractor form—for documenting relationships with individuals who performs services, but by meeting certain criteria, are not classified as employees—is available as of today.
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