Purchase Orders

Purchase orders (POs) are a form of contract for goods or services that commits the supplier and university to a buying transaction. POs are one of the primary buying methods at MSU and are appropriate for goods, equipment, and services not available through Spartan Marketplace or by using the PCard. 

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Initiating POs

To initiate a PO, log in to EBS, click the Financial System tile on the homepage, and navigate to “Requisition.” Job aids have been developed to assist you through the process.

Involving the Procurement staff early in the process allows adequate time to solicit qualified suppliers, submit requests for proposals, and negotiate contracts that are favorable to MSU. Please allow extra time for complex or high-dollar transactions. Also, additional steps may be necessary to meet regulatory requirements, depending on the funding source of the purchase.

Independent Contractors

An individual who performs services, but by meeting certain criteria, is not classified as an employee. Learn more about independent contractors.

Delivery of purchased goods

All purchase orders (POs) provide delivery instructions to the supplier. The university’s standard shipping instructions require the supplier to ship items to Central Shipping and Receiving, where items are received, consolidated, tracked, and re-delivered to units. 

Exceptions to receipt by Central Shipping and Receiving include deliveries to off-site locations, first or second day air shipments, and expedited deliveries.