Lost or Stolen PCard

If a PCard is lost or stolen, it is the cardholder’s responsibility to notify the bank and the PCard team. The credit card will be canceled immediately, and a replacement credit card issued. Follow the steps below (also outlined in our job aid).

Notify the Bank Immediately

As soon as you notice your PCard is lost or stolen, you must immediately contact Bank of America. The account associated with the PCard will be liable for any charges that may have occurred prior to the PCard being canceled, so it is important to report lost/stolen cards immediately.

  • 24/7 within the U.S.: (888) 449-2273
  • Outside U.S. (collect): (509) 353-6656

Next Steps

After calling Bank of America, report your PCard lost or stolen to the PCard team by calling (517) 884-6080.

If your PCard was stolen on campus property, contact the MSU Police Department’s non-emergency line at (517) 355-2221 to report the incident.