Payment Processing

Accounts Payable processes invoices via the Finance System. Invoices are electronically routed for payment approval and departmental retention. Supplier check information is readily accessible, and encumbrance maintenance is automatically adjusted.
A pen and a calculator sitting above a printed invoice.

How vendor payments are processed

  1. After a requisition is initiated in the Finance System, it is forwarded to Procurement where a purchase order is issued.

  2. The invoice is received by Accounts Payable and entered into the Finance System.

  3. General Ledger entries are created and the department is charged. General Ledger entries for scheduled payments are created when the check is issued.

  4. Payment requests and credit memos that pass the audit process are set up for payment.

  5. Payment requests are routed for fiscal officer approval, credit memos are routed for fiscal officer FYI, or invoices are auto-approved.

  6. If issues arise between the time the department is charged and the invoice is approved, they will be handled by Accounts Payable on a case-by-case basis.

Reference and Training

Training materials are available on our Reference and Training page.