Department-led inventory

Department Role 6 CAM Processors will receive a notification letter if it is their year to conduct a physical inventory. Departments conducting inventory are responsible for:
  • verifying location and status of all owned assets,
  • locating misplaced assets,
  • updating asset records,
  • certifying completed inventory, and
  • submitting completed asset inventory reporting documentation.

Audit certification due June 1

Departments responsible for conducting their own capital asset inventory are required to complete, sign, and return the Annual Asset Inventory Certification form (PDF) to the Capital Asset Management team. A copy should be kept by the department for audit purposes.

  • Mail: Capital Asset Management, Angell Building, 166 Service Rd., Rm. 102
  • Email:
  • Note: if there are no changes, write “NO CHANGES” at the top of the signed Certification form.

Inventory tools

Asset inventory report

Prior to conducting asset inventory, departments should run the UPL021 - Moveable Asset Inventory report in Cognos/BI, which identifies all moveable capital assets owned by the department. Using this report as part of the inventory process ensures that all asset records are accounted for and updated as needed.

Asset reporting template

If updates need to be made to asset records that the Role 6 CAM Processor can't make on their own, the Annual Asset Reporting Template (.XLSX) should be completed and submitted along with the inventory certification. Follow the instructions at the top. When finished, save and email the template to

Handheld Barcode Scanners

CAM offers handheld barcode scanners to assist MSU departments in conducting their annual asset inventories. Loan duration for handheld barcode scanners is limited to a maximum of seven days. Email CAM for more information or to reserve a handheld barcode scanner.

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Assets cannot be scanned by handheld barcode scanners if the asset tag is not affixed and added to the asset record in KFS. If any assets are missing tags, please notify CAM so a new asset tag can be sent to you and affixed prior to the audit.