CAM-assisted inventory

Department Role 6 CAM Processors will receive a notification letter if it is CAM’s year to conduct a physical inventory in partnership with the department. Each department will be assigned an audit month by the CAM team, but is responsible for scheduling their audit during that month at a time when the Role 6 CAM Processor is available and will have access to the asset location(s). If it is necessary to reschedule your audit period, please contact the CAM team.

Before your CAM-assisted inventory

Asset inventory report

Prior to conducting the annual inventory with a CAM auditor, departments should run the UPL021 - Moveable Asset Inventory report in Cognos/BI, which identifies all moveable capital assets owned by the department. The department should then attempt to locate all assets listed on the report and ensure the Role 6 CAM Processor has access to the asset location(s).

Identify missing tags

Assets cannot be scanned by the auditor if the asset tag is not affixed and added to the asset record in KFS. If any assets are missing tags, please notify CAM so a new asset tag can be sent to you and affixed prior to the audit.

Schedule your inventory prior to June 1

Determine the appropriate appointment length for your department’s audit before scheduling:

  • 30-minute audit: Less than 20 assets that are easily accessible and located in a single building.
  • One-hour audit: Less than 40 assets that are easily accessible and located in a single building.
  • Two-hour audit: 40-70 assets that are easily accessible and located in a single building.
  • Three-hour audit: More than 70 assets located in a single building.

For departments with assets across multiple buildings, individual audits should be scheduled for each building or travel time between buildings should be accounted for.

Outdoor assets including farm and lawn equipment should be scheduled as three-hour audits. Please consider likely weather conditions and accessibility of outdoor assets when selecting the audit appointment period.

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After the inventory

Once the asset inventory with CAM is completed, the department will be required to investigate any errors, update any asset records in KFS, and locate any unverified assets. After the asset records are completed, the Role 6 CAM Processor is required to complete, sign, and return the Annual Asset Inventory Certification form (PDF) to the Capital Asset Management team. A copy should be kept by the department for audit purposes.

  • Mail: Capital Asset Management, Angell Building, 166 Service Rd., Rm. 102
  • Email:

A post-audit review can also be scheduled with the CAM team.