Asset Tags

Capital Asset Management has a variety of tags available to meet your capital asset needs! Each tag is designed to accommodate unique asset types, sizes, and locations.

 An infographic with graphics of three different barcode tags. The first asset tag on the left has the caption "standard size heat-resistant metal. For extreme conditions including outdoor use". The second tag in the middle has the caption "standard durable paper. For indoor use on assets of any size." The third tag on the right has a caption of "Small size durable paper. For indoor use on small assets, like cameras."

Requesting asset tags

To request an asset tag, send an email to the CAM team with the following information:

  • Asset number(s)
  • Type of tag(s) requested
  • Organization code
  • Delivery address (including building name and room number)
    • Pickup at University Procurement and Logistics is also available

Once the tag has been placed on the asset, the KFS asset record must be updated by your department's Role 6 CAM Processor.  If an asset tag number already exists on the KFS record, contact the CAM team for assistance