Purchase Orders

Every supplier is accountable to meet the requirements and past satisfactory performance may not be a guarantee of acceptability in the future.

Suppliers who do not comply with MSU requirements may find limited future business with MSU, and may also experience late payment or non-payment. Three conditions in particular must be noted:

  • Order fulfillment requires a corresponding purchase order (PO) or MSU PCard.
  • Prior written approval by MSU Procurement is required for any changes in the delivered product or service.
  • Invoice requirements must be satisfied to receive payment.

POs vs. PCard transactions

It is the supplier's responsibility to obtain a valid PO. Purchases made by MSU always require a PO, unless a PCard is being used. PCards are issued to select staff and faculty members and administered by University Procurement and Logistics. 

  • Work on an order should not begin and supplies should not be ordered until you receive an official purchase order from a buyer.
  • Only MSU Procurement may authorize a supplier to provide goods or services via issuance of a PO; verbal authorization from departmental representatives without signature authority will not be recognized and may put the supplier at risk.
  • If a valid PO number does not exist, an invoice cannot be paid, and MSU does not have a legal obligation to pay it.
  • A purchase may not be split into multiple charges to circumvent the PCard single purchase spending limit.

PO Amendments

Any change in the product or service provided by a supplier from that specified in the PO must be approved in writing by MSU Procurement via a PO amendment (POA) before the supplier provides the goods or services. Changes include, but are not limited to, description, quantity, price, or terms which differ from the original PO.