Invoicing and Payments

Invoices must reference only one (1) PO and must contain:

  • A valid MSU PO number. This is to include all prefixes and the release number when applicable.
  • The current name and "remit to" address of the supplier.
  • Distinguishable, separately invoiced items, each with a description, price, and language matching the language and sequence of the PO.
  • The freight bill number or tracking number.

Terms referenced in the PO are based on date of receipt by MSU Accounts Payable, by default. If deeper discounts are available, more expedient payment can usually be arranged.

Emailing Invoices

The email address below is for invoice submission only—no other correspondence.
To submit invoices to Accounts Payable via email, please follow these steps.

Instructions for Suppliers

  • Prepare each invoice as a separate PDF file.

  • For security purposes, redact social security numbers.

  • Send only one invoice per email.

  • Send an original email—do not forward from another email.

  • In the email subject line, include the purchase order (PO) number and the supplier name.
    Example: PO#345678 James Company

  • Send email to


Interested in receiving future payments electronically?

Enroll in Paymode-X
Already enrolled? Call Paymode-X at (877) 443-6944 to have MSU added to your account.

Contact Accounts Payable

Please contact Accounts Payable at (517) 353-2011 with any other inquiries. 

It takes approximately one week after receipt of the invoice to enter it into the system. Emailed invoices will be processed at the same rate as paper invoices that are received that day.

Other Options for Invoice Submittal

  • Fax invoices to (517) 884-6189
  • Mail invoices to
    • MSU Accounts Payable
      166 Service Rd., Room 103
      East Lansing, MI 48824