The MSU PCard, a MasterCard® product, is designed to allow for the direct procurement of low dollar purchases by the faculty and staff through the use of a credit card. The intent of the program is to increase efficiency by eliminating the need for small dollar requisitions, disbursement vouchers and petty cash funds.

Questions? Contact the PCard team  at (517) 884-6080.

Card missing? Follow our Job Aid on Reporting a Lost or Stolen PCard.

PCard purchases result in quicker turnaround time, greater flexibility in ordering, and reduced paperwork. The PCard is to be used for purchases up to or equal to $2,500. There are restrictions with the use of the PCard (i.e. personal use, travel, radioactive material, etc.). For a complete list of the restrictions, as well as other information regarding the PCard, see the PCard Manual.

Card applications are submitted through the Finance System. Upon completion, you will need to complete online training. Financial transactions are processed in the Finance System.

PCard Training Video

This video explains how to use an MSU PCard (50:41).


Amazon Business

Using a PCard in Spartan Marketplace's Amazon Business account.

PCard Application

PCard Application
Complete and submit an application in the Finance System.

PCard Forms

PCard Forms
How to change information, cancel a PCard, and more.


Apr 06 2021

FY21 Year-end June 30

The year-end of fiscal year 2021 is quickly approaching! A complete list of FYE accounting procedures—including Procurement, Capital Asset Management, Accounts Payable, and more—is available on the MSU Office of the Controller website.
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