UPL Forms


Independent Contractor (IC) form (.pdf)
Also known as IC form; used when procuring services from individuals who are not employees but are US citizens or resident aliens.

IT Readiness form (Qualtrics)
Attachment required on requisitions for IT purchases

Michigan Sales/Use Tax Certificate of Exemption (.pdf)
For use by tax exempt organizations

Single/Sole Source Justification form (.pdf)
Required to be attached to the requisition when requesting a single or sole source supplier

Conflict of Interest form (.pdf)
Supplier disclosure of conflict of interest

Criminal Background Check form (.pdf)
Contractor certification of criminal background checks

ITAR/EAR99 Product Information Disclosure (.pdf)
Required document for suppliers to verify ITAR control and/or EAR99 status

Supplier Information form (.pdf)
Required to receive payment from MSU

W-9 form (.pdf)
Required to receive payment from MSU
Note: Foreign entities should complete the appropriate W-8 form

Conflict of Interest MSU Information form (.pdf)

Designed to obtain additional information from the university’s perspective about a potential
conflict of interest to determine if the conflict rises to a true conflict of interest.

Payment Systems

Lost Check form (.pdf) 
For use by suppliers to file information regarding a check that is lost, stolen, damaged, or never received

Request for Wire Transfer Payment (.pdf)
For use by suppliers to request payment via wire transfer

Cardholder Agreement (.pdf)
Required as part of the PCard application process

PCard Transaction Log (.pdf)
Log for keeping track of expenses

PCard Exception Request form (MS Forms)
Request an exception or to make a restricted purchase

Statement of Questioned Items form (.pdf)
Dispute form for PCard

Ship + Mail

Billing History
Billing detail for shipping and mailing services

Campus Mail Envelope Request
Email request form for used campus mail envelopes

Customs forms
For USPS mail

Hazardous Materials Shipping form (.pdf)
Shipping hazardous materials

International Shipping form (.pdf)
Attach to outbound FedEx and UPS shipments processed by Logistics

Service Request form
Online request for logistical services

Track packages on campus using a carrier number, PO, or release number

Warehouse Services

University Stores Return and Exchange form (.pdf)
Return items to University Stores

Capital Assets (CAM)

Annual Asset Reporting Template (.xlsx) 
Capital Asset Management inventory form

Annual Equipment Inventory Certification form (.pdf)
Capital Asset Management inventory certification form

Capital Asset Property Loss form (.pdf)
Reuired for lost or destroyed assets that need to be removed from the CAM system

Capital Asset Acquisition form (.pdf)
Needed information to complete a capital asset requisition 

Specialized Services

Hamper Rental form
Submit a request to rent hampers

Supply Chain Analytics Project Request (Qualtrics)
Request analytical services from the UPL Supply Chain Analytics team