Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics assists UPL—as well as the MSU community—in making informed business decisions, using data generated through procurement and logistics activities. Analytics provided by the team guide day-to-day operations and process improvements using historical analysis and predictive modeling.

The Supply Chain Analytics team works closely with university stakeholders to provide services such as demand forecasting, run-at-rate studies for critical supplies, and supplier diversity metrics for Spartan Impact reports. Our work ensures proper prioritization of resources, reducing cost to the university by identifying operational efficiencies.

Our Services

Supply Chain Analytics can work with your unit to better understand your supply chain, create dashboards for spend tracking, provide forecasting and predictive studies, and equip your team with the information needed to drive data-informed decision making. Submit a project request to our team.


Spend Exploration

We will complete a deep-dive exploration of your unit’s overall spend based on your specific criteria.


Our team can produce predictive models for a variety of scenarios, including forecasting future states.

Project Request

Project Request
Submit an analytics project request to the Supply Chain Analytics team.