Policies for Suppliers

Below is a list of policies to which MSU suppliers must adhere.

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Suppliers are asked to disclose any and all potential conflicts of interest to MSU for appropriate review and disposition. Examples include, without limitation, an MSU employee having an ownership interest in your business, your business being owned by a relative of an MSU employee, and your business sponsoring speaking engagements or other activities with which MSU faculty or staff are involved.
      Form - Supplier Disclosure of Conflict of Interest

Criminal Background Check Policy

The MSU Contractor Criminal Background Check policy requires that contractors retain certification of specific background checks performed on their employees when certain circumstances apply.
     Form - Contractor Certification Criminal Background Checks

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Information regarding MSU Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) guidelines and procedures.

MSU Anti-Discrimination Policy

Michigan State University’s scholarly community-building efforts occur within the context of general societal expectations, as embodied in the law. 

Updated COVID-19 Requirements for Fall Semester

All individuals are required to wear masks indoors beginning August 1, 2021 in all campus buildings and other MSU facilities in East Lansing and throughout the state. 

MSU Institutional Data Policy

The university community and external communities have expectations regarding the appropriate and ethical uses of data and their stewardship that are critical to MSU's ability to maintain public trust and confidence.

Signature Authority

Contracts signed by unauthorized faculty or staff are not binding to the university and supplier invoices may not be honored. Additionally, an individual making the commitment may be held personally responsible.

Trademark Protection and Licensing

Any person, business, or organization with an interest in marketing products bearing the trademarks of Michigan State University needs to first obtain a license through CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company). 

Smoke and Tobacco-free Policy

This policy applies to all persons on university property, including students, faculty, employees,
contractors, sub-contractors, and visitors, and to all persons who use university vehicles.