Desktop Shipping

UPS and FedEx

UPS and FedEx provide desktop solutions and offer pickup service of expedited shipments. To request system access and a user ID, please call (517) 884-6084. Hazardous materials may not be shipped via this method.

When shipping your own packages, you are responsible for

  • proper packing, marking, weighing, and addressing
  • complete and accurate documentation and customs requirements
  • referencing shipment to an internal university account

Shipping Supplies

To obtain shipping supplies for desktop shipments, contact:

  • FedEx Customer Service or call (800) 463-3339 and say "supplies" or press 4
  • UPS Preferred Customer Service Group, (800) 377-4877

UPS ShipExec

Features of the UPS ShipExec system include:

  • An improved user interface and the ability to create address books
  • better auditing capability
  • increased visibility into shipment records and billing
  • ability to dispute service errors
  • no need to attach receipts in KFS

All UPS ShipExec payments must be made using MSU account numbers—PCards are not accepted. 

As a result of our contract with UPS, savings—which vary based on service type, weight, and zip code—are significant for many MSU customers.


  • Log in using the ShipExec link
    • All previous users of UPS CVS are required to reset their password in the new system.
    • Enter your email address (just addresses, please), click NEXT, then click FORGOT PASSWORD on the next page.
    • DO NOT CLICK REGISTER if you were a previous CVS user.  
  • NEW USERS: Please use 88a7a460-232a-4ebd-a52f-e34e111b7e67 as the registration key. 
  • Once Mail Services receives the notification, we will send you an email that you are approved to proceed.

Shipping labels and receipts

  • When you're ready to print the shipping label, you will see the shipment receipt first, before you see the shipping label (on page two). You may opt not to print the receipt if you don't need the hard copy.

Contact info and reference materials

Please contact Mail Services with questions.