Returns on PO

All purchase orders provide delivery instructions to the supplier. The university’s standard shipping instructions require the supplier to ship items to Central Shipping and Receiving, where items are received, consolidated, tracked, and re-delivered to units. 

Exceptions to receipt by Central Shipping and Receiving include deliveries to off-site locations, first or second day air shipments, and expedited deliveries.

If the items you wish to return have been paid for, you must contact the supplier to make shipping arrangements. Complete the supplier's material return authorization form, attach it to your item, and submit a Service Request form (EBS login required). Select the "Parcel UPS/FedEx" option on the Service Request for smaller shipments or the "Freight" option for larger shipments. Place the item in your building mailroom or dock, and Logistics will pick it up for return.

Using a Service Request versus a Material Return Form

Shipments involving a purchase order valued under $500 with no credit expected can also use the transportation Service Request.

All other shipments must use the Material Return form (.PDF). The Material Return form must be completed and sent to Procurement before arrangements for a pickup can be made. The completed form will be used to initiate the pickup and complete the return. 

Credits received in Accounts Payable will be processed against the original charges made to your account.

For additional assistance, contact the contract manager listed on your purchase order.

Damage and Shortage

Upon receipt of the package(s), a signature is required as proof of delivery. Signatures attest to the number of cartons or piece count, not the contents. Immediately report shortages to Central Shipping and Receiving at (517) 884-6203.

Material received in damaged condition must be immediately reported to Central Shipping and Receiving. The package and contents, including inner packaging, must be retained. Do not remove anything from the package until it has been inspected and a determination made for return or replacement. Value of the damaged item must exceed $100 for a formal claim to be filed. The burden of proof lies with MSU if not reported within the same day of receipt of order.

Disposition of damaged items is processed on a Material Return form (.PDF). Once a claim is initiated, Receiving contacts the department regarding responsibility for payment of invoices or handling of credits.

An overage or shortage arriving on a purchase order delivery should be reported immediately to Central Shipping and Receiving at (517) 884-6082.