Spend Exploration

Interested in a deep dive of spend for your MAU, org or even a specific account? Or perhaps you are interested in exploring spend on specific contracts or for specific commodities? The Supply Chain Analytics team can conduct a deep dive into your area of interest and provide a detailed report and presentation with our results. Submit a project request to our team.

A document with graphs on it sitting next to a computer keyboard and mouse.

What does our process look like?

Meet and collaborate: A representative from the Supply Chain Analytics team will meet with you to gain a deeper understanding of the issue you wish to address and determine desired outcomes. We will work through a questionnaire to assist in developing a scope of work and—in some cases—a quote for the project. The scope of work will include a timeline for delivery.

Team assigned: Once you decide to move forward, a Supply Chain Analyst will be assigned to your project.

Data analysis: The team will begin to dive into your data. Our project lead will work directly with your point-of-contact to resolve questions and issues as they arise.

Results: In addition to the requested deliverables on predictions, the Supply Chain Analytics team will also provide a detailed report providing an exploratory analysis of the data and the methodology used. At your request, the raw data can also be provided.