Providing Predictions

Interesting in obtaining a future spend forecast on a specific account or predicting the number of times your team is involved in processing a purchase order? The Supply Chain Analytics team can assist.


A magnifying glass sitting on top of a document containing prediction graphs.

Our team can assist in creating time-series models for forecasting purposes and linear and logistic regression models to provide predictions or to gain historical understanding. For more complex problems, the Supply Chain Analytics team can implement advanced modeling techniques.

We will extract the supply chain data from our databases, prepare it, run a statistical analysis to ensure the data meets the requirements for modeling—and, ultimately, provide a prediction. Submit a project request to our team.

What does our process look like?

Meet and collaborate: A representative from the Supply Chain Analytics team will meet with you to gain a deeper understanding of the issue you wish to address and determine desired outcomes. We will work through a questionnaire to assist in developing a scope of work and—in some cases—a quote for the project. The scope of work will include a timeline for delivery.

Team assigned: Once you decide to move forward, a Supply Chain Analyst will be assigned to your project.

Data analysis: The team will begin to dive into your data. Our project lead will work directly with your point-of-contact to resolve questions and issues as they arise.

Results: In addition to the requested deliverables on predictions, the Supply Chain Analytics team will also provide a detailed report providing an exploratory analysis of the data and the methodology used. At your request, the raw data can also be provided.