Campus Mail

Campus mail refers to intra-campus correspondence and is usually distributed within a campus mail envelope.

The Logistics department picks up and delivers campus mail to a common area within each building—typically the designated mailroom. 

Sending Campus Mail

Mail being sent from one MSU office to another need not adhere to the same postal rules as mail being sent off campus. Campus mail should include a name, building name, and room number as part of the address.


When sending large quantities of addressed campus mail (75 or more pieces), departments must

  • separate the mail by building name
  • secure the bundles with rubber bands or string ties
  • request mail bins by emailing Mail Services or calling (517) 884-6084
    • do not use cardboard boxes as they tend to tear

Campus mail is for official university business only—see the Manual of Business Procedures, Section 220 (MBP) for restrictions.

Campus Mail Envelopes

Campus mail envelopes may be ordered from University Stores, or re-use envelopes by submitting a Used Campus Mail Envelope form. The Service Request form is used for pickup or delivery of items other than campus mail.


Please contact the East Lansing Post Office if you have questions about incoming USPS packages. 

1140 Abbot Road
East Lansing, MI 
(517) 351-1024